It was fantastic to see so many headteachers from Kent in London on Friday supporting the campaign for fairer funding for all our schools. Although all of us who work within education are well aware of the pressures, it is clear that this message is one that needs to be conveyed to as many people as possible, particularly as the comments from the DFE do little to reflect the true scale of the problem.

WorthLess Campaign - march to Downing Street 28 September 2018

Whilst none of us are naïve enough to believe that Friday’s demonstration will immediately result in massive improvements to school budgets, the excellent media coverage we received has done much to bring the attention of the public to the challenges we are confronting. It is now up to others to decide whether or not education should be valued and seen as an investment in the future of our country or something that can be ignored and side-lined. Hopefully the messages conveyed last week will ensure that, at the least, nobody can claim in the future that they were unaware of the situation and that, in itself, is something of which all those who participated can be rightfully proud.

Attached is a photo of the representatives of the Tunbridge Wells Collaborative Trust of Primary Schools at the march.  From left to right Stephanie Hayward HT of St Matthews (CoE) Primary and Speldhurst CoE (VA) Primary, Vicki Lonie HT of Broadwater Down Primary, Julie Burton HT of Bidborough CoE Primary, Clare Owen HT of Bishops Down Primary and Caroline Powell HT of Rusthall St Pauls CoE  (VA) Primary.


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