Adding our support to the WorthLess? Campaign... a message from Sally Lees, Chair of KAH.

WorthLess? Campaign

I recently sent our communications highlighting the work of the WorthLess? Campaign in lobbying the Government to address some of the key issues facing education, not least the issue of fair and adequate funding for all our schools.  In this e-mail, I highlighted the work of the Campaign and explained that the KAH is keen to add our support to their efforts to put pressure on the Government to address these priorities.

WorthLess? is a campaign initiated by Headteachers in West Sussex but which is now being supported by groups of Headteachers right across the country and is gaining a great deal of publicity and momentum.  The organisers of the campaign are focusing on the three areas of funding, teacher recruitment and social mobility.  They are a group with no political allegiance and they embrace schools of all types.  They are led by Jules White, who is the Headteacher at Tanbridge House School in Horsham. 

The WorthLess? campaign is now focusing on lobbying parliament in advance of the next spending review to ensure that education is at the forefront of their thinking.  With this in mind, they are organising an event on 28 September 2018 when they are aiming to get over 1000 Headteachers to meet at Downing Street.  The KAH Executive would like to encourage as many Kent Headteachers as possible to join them.  This would be an excellent way of showing that we are giving our support to this important campaign.  Ideally, we would be looking for over 100 Headteachers from Kent and we ask you to save the date now and let us know if you intend to join us.  

You may want to speak to your Governors about this - I understand most Governing Bodies are supporting their Headteacher's attendance at the event, but some Headteachers have agreed to take the day unpaid. 

I would urge you to give serious consideration to this.  It is a real opportunity for Headteachers across the country to come together in a way that will get our voices heard on these key issues.  If you want to join in on 28 September, please contact Sharon Batchelor on

Sally Lees
Chair, Kent Association of Headteachers

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