Maggie Bolton feeds back on Bob Cox's recent workshop to help primary schools to master literacy. One of the elements included Bob describing strategies to help pupils move from reading the lines, to reading between the lines - to the goal of reading beyond the lines. Find out about the next session for primaries on Tuesday 1

Developing mastery in literacy

Thirty-five literacy and senior leaders attended this very successful conference and workshop run by Bob Cox.  Bob identified and demonstrated continuity and progression through picture books and challenging texts in both prose and poetry by using some key principles for going deeper through rich texts.

At the heart of Bob’s work is how to provide high pitch challenge but with access to all.  He described how mastery is about working together on the same idea or concept and identifying who is ready for greater depth, taking care to avoid unnecessary hierarchies and associated labelling – mastery instead of differentiation.  He described strategies to equip pupils to move from reading the lines, to reading between the lines, to the goal of reading beyond the lines.

In the afternoon delegates worked together with quality texts to plan collaboratively across schools.  The excellent range of plans generated really constructive discussions.

Bob’s excellent knowledge and love of the subject was inspirational and resulted in a highly productive day which generated very positive feedback:

KAH’s support for a range of projects has ensured that networks in Dartford are very strong and sessions of collaborative working are undertaken in a very open and inclusive way.

A further session is planned for a morning conference on Tuesday 1 May in Dartford which does not require attendance at the first session.  If you would like details, please contact Wendy Couper on

Bob Cox is a writer and educational consultant whose “opening doors to quality writing” series of books won an Educational Resource Award in 2017 when it was described by the judges as “an invaluable resource”.

Details of Bob’s work can be found at

Maggie Bolton
Director of DASCo

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