Platts Heath Primary School report back on the experience they had with their KAH funded Pupil Premium Review. The review helped them to recognise where they are making a real impact, policies and procedures that worked and supporting us on what their next steps need to be.

Pupil Premium reviews

As a member of the KAH team for the West I knew about the Pupil Premium Review, as it was something we had used the collaboration money allocated to our region to fund. Reports from other headteachers was that it was a useful process that ensured the school had a better understanding of how to ensure the Pupil Premium aspect of our school, both financially and academically could be recognised.

I received a phone call asking if I wished to have one of these reviews and once agreed, a mutually convenient date was set. Before the review the relevant documentation was sent to aid the process and to reflect on our current practise.

The whole procedure ran smoothly from start to finish. The reviewer took time to look at many different aspects of the school, including a tour, talking to staff and children, looking at books, recommending resources and examples of how to enhance what we had already in place.

This review was extremely useful to recognise where as a school we were making a real impact, policies and procedures that worked and supporting us on what our next steps will need to be. The sharing of formats to use, and a clear indication of what needs to be included in the Pupil Premium strategy makes this review useful and relevant. The reviewer took time to listen and analyse the school’s systems, including a book scrutiny and discussion with Teaching Assistants to ensure the review was accurate and purposeful.

As the review was financed by the KAH West board it didn’t cost us anything but I would be willing to pay for it in future years.

Piers Anscomb
Headteacher at Platts Heath Primary School

ReturnMar 15, 2018