With over 90% of schools in Kent received good or outstanding results in 2017, the county’s improvement in inspection outcomes and achievement is underpinned by leaders’ drive and commitment to collaborative working and the sharing of best practice through the Kent Association of Headteachers.

School collaboration delivers results

Kent schools are continuing to make very good progress in improving inspection outcomes through stronger collaboration and sharing of best practice.  In 2017, 91% of schools in Kent are good or outstanding compared to 89% nationally. This is a significant improvement since 2011, when only 55% of schools in Kent were good or outstanding. 

Achievement outcomes have continued to improve and Kent is now performing at least in line or above national indicators for primary and the majority of secondary accountability measures.

Kent has also been successful in increasing the proportion of schools judged outstanding. There are now 119 outstanding schools, 19% of primary schools, 32% of schools in the secondary sector, 32% of special schools and 29% of Pupil Referral Units currently have a judgement of outstanding.  Kent has more outstanding provision in secondary schools and PRUs than the national averages. The percentage of outstanding provision is just below the national average for primary and special schools. However, the overall percentage of outstanding schools in Kent, at 22%, is the same as the national average.

Leaders’ drive and motivation to improve provision and outcomes through school to school collaboration and the sharing of best practice to promote excellence, underpinned by the commitment and funding from the Kent Association of Headteachers, have made a significant contribution to the proportion of good and outstanding schools in Kent.

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